Sunday, 8 August 2010

Digging up the old crap

now I have to buy a hat, bloody tigers!
'Naplam VC' part of my research into the photography of the vietnam war
The above painting was made with an old oil we found in an abandoned jail (that's another story:)) this forementioned oil never dried, so it was perfect for the effect I wanted for the skinn areas. I was mixed with convetional oil paint which I coated with Acrylic so it skinned dried but left it squissy to the touch. I unfortunately burst after I set fire to the painting.

Another painting based  on the vietnam war where I used the above technique for the skin and hung the painting on it side so the lips sagged away from the teeth. Its was later buried for a few weeks and then dug up again where worms ate parts of the canvas.

The later two paintings were based on my discertation about the photographers doing horrific acts themselves while trying to convey the horrors of the vietnam war. The act of myself making these painting was to retrace their steps in making compostional pleasing work with a juxtoposed subject matter. I never used these either.


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