Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sand Paintings

These paintings were the progression on from the earlier war paintings, I went for a more abstract approach then the horrific subject matter of napalm burn victims. I painted these on the flat with watered down acrylic (because drying times). They were done without the use of brushes except for the details, sand was spread in areas and then the acrylic was poured over it so the pigment would mass up against the grains of sand when dried. I put down cling film in areas and a heavy plastic sheet was layered over the paintings when they were drying, leaving folds similar to the folds in a map. En-caustic wax and brush work finished of the details.
Shame these are such bad photos, I'll need to take new ones when I get back to Ireland.
'keep the home fires burning'
'still sipping from the river lethe'
'war games'


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